Stop Believing In These Health Myths

There are many general thoughts and myths regarding health that have spread throughout the years, and many people consider them today the absolute truth. So here are couple of myths originally posted by Business Insider, that have been completely busted.

Wear Warm Clothes or You Will Catch A Cold

By being cold, you won’t catch a cold. 🙂 There is also no proof you will get ill if you go out to cold weather with wet hair, of course, if you don’t stay outside forever and eventually freeze to death.

On the other hand there is scientific reason why people are more sick during the Winter, and it is quite simple. They tend to spend more time in closed spaces, so the chance of getting the virus is bigger.

Coffee stops body growth

Also, there has never been any proof that caffeine consumption stops bone and body growth at kids.

By Eating Ice-Cream Your Cold Will Get Worse

If you are having a cold, feel free to comfort yourself with ice cream. Fortunately, theory that dairy products increase secretion isn’t true, and doctors even recommend that frozen dairy products such as ice cream can calm sore throat and give you calories at times when you aren’t eating too much due to your cold.

You Should Drink 8 glasses of Water Each Day

It is very important to be hydrated during the day, but scientists have never found a connection between drinking fluids and kidney or heart disease. People get a lot of water through food and other drinks, however there is a really good reason to drink water itself, it doesn’t has calories such as other drinks, and people who drink a lot of water in general usually have lower calorie intake.

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