Headache – different types and treatment

Headache (Cephalea, Cephalalgia, greek word) is pain or pain sensation in the head area and parts of the neck, which can be acute or chronic. Even though it is sometimes a symptom of some other disease, often headache can be disease itself.

Headache are one of the most often diseases that hit human kind. They start showing most frequently between ages from 25 to 35, more often with women than men and children.

As with other parts of the body, the pain is shown in the structures that have sensitive pain endings. The brain itself isn’t sensitive to pain, however some other structures of head and neck are, so during the effects on them we have the perception of the pain we call headache.

On the head we have multiple structures that react with pain.

Diagnosis & treatment of headache

Diagnostic procedures for finding out the cause of your headache are numerous. The doctors decide on choosing the methods based on clinical manifestation of headaches. Often, but not mandatory diagnosis are:  biochemical and blood test, oftamologist examination, EEG, color Doppler test of blood vessels of the neck, color Doppler test of blood vessels in the brain, CT scan of head and more.

Depending on the type of headache, pain intensity or number of headache occurrence per month, different therapy is prescribed. The therapy can be preventive (the medicine that reduces the total amount of headache is given) or acute (therapy of isolated headaches).


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