Mental Health Maturing Starts At The Age of 25

The latest study has concluded that mental maturing starts at around 25 years old. Adolescents live for sensation and adventure, and major changes in their head start once they are becoming independent and start to live outside their parents home.

30, or even 50 years ago that mental maturing has been starting around the age of 15, but according to the latest study new generations mature much later.

The key proof for this theory is in the part of t he brain that is called striatum and which has connections with hyper-activity, or with the award as stimulation for certain behaviors. This part of the brain is extremely active by the mid twenties.

The acting of this part of the brain slows down the need of man for stable job and foundation of a family, which are mostly the main characteristics of the adult and mature people. According to the studies this nowadays happens at around the age of 25.

There are two points of view for the results of this study. One of those is that sometimes it is better for maturity process to last longer, because that may allow you to better stand your ground for stuff that will happen later on in your life.


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