Why is it important to keep the hormones in balance?

When the hormones are in balance we feel vital and healthy and when they are not, the entire body suffers.

For example, when a man is suffering from prostate cancer he receives the so-called antiandrogen therapy, which means the lack of his hormones is not compensated. At the same time, the remaining small number of hormones in his body is blocked with medications. That is a situation when one should be the strongest in order to free himself from the tumour, but the body is left with zero hormones.

To leave a man without testosterone means to deflate him like a balloon and possibly get him a few other diseases.

When the moment comes to fight the disease, the science will take him the arms. The hormone balance is important for both women and men – cortisol, the thyroid hormones, melatonin, the growth hormone, etc. need to be in balance. In the case of men, this will make it easier to compensate the lack of testosterone. At the same time, it is important to eat and sleep well, rest and take dietary supplements.

The hormone levels of today’s men are considerably lower than it was the case one hundred years ago, according to certain historical studies. This is due to today’s lifestyle, our natural predispositions are lost along the way. The advances in medicine and science, luckily, can help us recuperate this evolutionary lack of hormones with relative ease.

The best way to recuperate testosterone is by applying hormonal creme and by taking injections. Men seems to prefere injections over the creme, unlike women who prefer the creme.

Every hormonal therapy has certain indications and contraindications and this stands for both women and men.

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