Hacks That Will Actually Motivate You to Go to the Gym

There are a thousand excuses that any of us can come up with from the top of our head for why we really could skip the workout session today. You’re not feeling great, you’ve got work to do, you should really spend some time with your family and all the others are simply screaming one thing: I am not motivated enough! And as any successful fitness adviser will tell you, motivation is the foundation block of any good routine. But when all of the Instagram motivational quotes fail you, what are the ways that can actually motivate you to move and start moving from point zero?

Remind yourself of why you are doing it

You might have been highly motivated to become a gym rat back in January after New Year’s resolutions, but now, you are just not feeling it anymore. You are definitely not alone, and a lot of people struggle to keep up the good work after a while. When you set your mind on starting a regular workout routine, write down a letter to yourself and wholeheartedly explain why you want to stick to this. Do it in a way that you know your future self won’t be able to just shrug off. Whenever you are feeling the lack of motivation, read that note and remember why you started it all. If you need extra reminders, write messages for yourself that will get you up and moving and put them next to the workout time in your planner or on your alarm clock. Seeing all of these small notes will help you overcome the initial laziness, which really is the worst part.

Look back on past results

Do you remember the first time when you managed to do a proper push-up? Or the first time you finished running a 10k? You should remember those moments and all other big and small goals that you have reached along the way on your fitness journey. Keep videos and photos on hand to look at when you are feeling down, and the first time you realize how seeing them makes you want to strive for more great things, you will want to keep them as your screensaver forever. Just make sure you don’t hang onto old results as the only motivation, but rather use them to push you towards new goals and try your best to reach those.

Have a training buddy

Having someone who will keep you in check while you are on your fitness journey is the best way to make sure you stay on track. Whether it’s a gym veteran friend who will come to your house and drag you out for a run, a crush that you really want to impress, a personal trainer you paid a lot of money for, or anyone else that will motivate you to go and finish that workout is the person that should be keeping you company in the gym. If you can’t physically be with anyone, send pictures and videos of your routine to them, post them online or share them in a support group. Not only is it more fun and engaging to work out in pairs, but you will have a special bond that will make you want to keep going for them, and vice versa.

Have the right gear

The way we feel from the moment we leave the house to the moment we finish that last squat is the most important part of any workout. And the clothes we wear play a huge role in how we feel. On one hand, going to the gym in sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt can make you feel like you are a big blob, and not a powerful person ready to train, while on the other hand, clothes that are too tight or make you feel overly exposed won’t get you in the workout mood either. Luckily, there is a ton of women’s clothing options that are the perfect middle ground. Choose materials that are breathable and that don’t retain moisture, so that you feel dry and fresh throughout your routine. Make sure you adjust your clothing to the type of exercise you are doing, so that it doesn’t get in your way or get caught in any of the equipment.

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