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Marijuana has Phenomenal Relaxation Properties

Stress, anxiety, and worry seem to overshadow any positivity in the lives of some people who deal with the issues, despite their best efforts. Some of those people dealing with such issues use prescription medications in an effort to combat the problems, yet seem to still experience woes. Or, they find themselves unable to function

Mental Health Maturing Starts At The Age of 25

The latest study has concluded that mental maturing starts at around 25 years old. Adolescents live for sensation and adventure, and major changes in their head start once they are becoming independent and start to live outside their parents home. 30, or even 50 years ago that mental maturing has been starting around the age

Protect Yourself From Sunstroke

Being longer outside when it’s hot during the summer can cause health problems. The person who has been hit by a sunstroke should be immediately put in shade, into half lying position, make them comfortable and cool them. If you have to spend a longer periods outside during the summer months, you should wear head

Headache – different types and treatment

Headache (Cephalea, Cephalalgia, greek word) is pain or pain sensation in the head area and parts of the neck, which can be acute or chronic. Even though it is sometimes a symptom of some other disease, often headache can be disease itself. Headache are one of the most often diseases that hit human kind. They

Stop Believing In These Health Myths

There are many general thoughts and myths regarding health that have spread throughout the years, and many people consider them today the absolute truth. So here are couple of myths originally posted by Business Insider, that have been completely busted. Wear Warm Clothes or You Will Catch A Cold By being cold, you won’t catch