Cracking Cases: The Science of Solving Cases
By Dr. Henry Lee and Thomas W. O'Neill

Lee was Connecticut's chief criminalist whose fame spread far beyond the forensic profession (in which he is a sought-after consultant) to the celebrity-fixated world obsessed by the O. J. Simpson trial. His report of his involvement on the defense side of that trial is one of five cases recounted here. Hardcover 316 pages.

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Famous Crimes Revisited: From Sacco-Vanzetti to O.J. Simpson
By Dr. Henry Lee and Jerry Labriola

In "Famous Crimes Revisited," renowned forensic scientist, Dr. Henry Lee, and Jerry Labriola, M.D. re-examine the O.J.Simpson, Vincent Foster, Jon Benet Ramsey, Lindbergh baby, Sam Sheppard, JFK, and Sacco-Vanzetti cases. Surprising questions are raised and rare historical photographs provided. Hardcover 303 pages.

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Henry Lee's Crime Scene Handbook
By Dr. Henry Lee, PH.D., Timothy M. Palmbach, and Marilyn T. Miller

The book outlines proven methods to help you collect and process physical evidence correctly, analyze it thoroughly, and understand its relevance to the case involved. It evaluates the newest chemical and instrumental techniques, and covers new areas such as forensic analysis of computers and advanced shooting scene reconstruction methods. This "must-have" guide is enhanced with dozens of color photographs, logic trees, check lists, worksheets, case studies, lists of suppliers, and more. Hardcover 416 pages.

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