Who Am I?

Hi everyone,

I am Dr Henry Lee. I have graduated American International College in Springfield, MA in 1996, and have been working in different medical companies and institutions since 1997, including New York University Medical Center.

I have started this blog in attempt to bring closer different medical & health topics to the general population and also express my medical self through articles here. I like to keep private, so please don’t ask about more of my personal details, but rather enjoy the content I post, and I will try to communicate with everyone who shows interest. I won’t be giving personal advice, and won’t be answering medical questions, because I believe it would be highly irresponsible of me to do that through my personal blog and without actually seeing and examining the patient. If you are looking for  that kind of advice, you could check WebMD or Healthline websites, as I heard they are the best when it comes to medical advice and medical information.

However, if you are interested in particular topics, and reading more about some not so mainstream medical stuff, be my guest and read on!

“There are tens of thousands of professions in this world. Every profession is unique. Every profession needs a few who are the best, who can develop and improve that profession. Why not pick an area within your limits, then set the goal of no limit for that profession. Within that area you choose, choose to strive for the best.” – Dr. Henry Lee

If you expected my real picture, well, like I said, I love my privacy, soooo 🙂